Windows 10 and the ASUS VivoTab Note 8 (M80TA)

The main tablet I use for commuting and sitting around the house is the ASUS VioTab Note8.  This has been a great 8 inch tablet for ~ $200.  After all the news about Windows 10 I wanted to load the 9926 tech preview and check out the new features.

I decided not to take a backup or go with a fresh install.  I did an in place upgrade from the 32 bit iso.    This process took about an hour but completed with out issue.   I did go out to ASUS’s site and update a few of the drivers but they were not needed.   So far the ASUS is running just as fast as it was with 8.1 and I have had no real issues.    I do need to relearn the interface,   I got used to the windows 8.1 interface pretty quick.    I will be posting up several posts on Win10 over the next couple weeks.

Process I used to upgrade my ASUS VivoTab Note to Windows 10

  • Download the Windows 10 32bit Tech Preview from Link
  • Right click and mount the ISO
  • Open the drive and run setup.exe
  • Wait about an hour
  • Logon

This is all I needed to do.   The interface is a bit buggy but I was warned when I downloaded the preview.  Leave feedback on MS site if you find any issues.




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