Migrating SCCM 2007 to SCCM 2012 – Part 3 The Plan With a checklist

This is the checklist/worksheet I am using for the migration.  I will update this as the install progresses.  At this point I have brought up the 3 new servers and I am in the process of installing the SCCM 2012 environment.   This checklist came from http://technet.microsoft.com/library/gg682006




Assess the current environment.

Current Environment looks good there are some items that I am removing

Review the functionality and changes that are available with the version of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager that you use, and use this information to help you design your destination hierarchy.

Will go into details on these post upgrade.  Right now it is like for like

Determine the administrative security model to use for role-based administration.

There will be a full post on the Security model post uprade

Assess your network and Active Directory topology

Getting rid of seconday and replacing with DP

Finalize your destination hierarchy design.

Single Site server and a handfull of DPs.  New Site code

Install a stand-alone primary if you do not plan to use a central administration site.

Map your hierarchy to the computers that you will use for sites and site servers in the destination hierarchy.

Server10 – SCCM 2012

Server11 – SCCM SQL Server

Server12 – New distribution Point

Server8 – Upgraded Distribution Point

Plan your object migration strategy.

Plan your client migration strategy.

Plan your client migration strategy.

Plan for the completion of migration from the source hierarchy.

Identify the computers to use in the destination hierarchy.

See Above

Create your destination hierarchy.

created server10,Server11 and Server 12

If you want to migrate information that is related to software updates, configure a software update point in the destination hierarchy and synchronize software updates.

Install and configure additional site system roles in the destination hierarchy.

Verify operational functionality in the destination hierarchy.

-All Pre Items ABOVE

Enable migration in the destination hierarchy.

When the source hierarchy runs Configuration Manager 2007 SP2, select and configure additional sites in the source hierarchy.

Configure distribution point sharing.

Create and run migration jobs to migrate objects associated with the clients in the source hierarchy.

Migrate clients to the destination hierarchy.

Upgrade shared distribution points.

Complete migration.

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