Aug 09

Review: Bastion XBLA

There are a million review sites out there so the last thing I want to do is re-hash what all those sites have said.  I just finished this game Sunday night and wanted to give some quick impression and if it is worth the price of $15.

I will break this review down in several quick reference categories and try to stick with that format:  sound, visuals , gameplay and overall.  I will try to add a couple of videos from YouTube so you do not have to search all over to see what the game looks like.

Sound – This games adds a narrator,  this will need to be in more games from this point forward.   The narrator spoke of only the important parts of the story and when my character “The Kid” did something worth speaking about.     He set the tone for each level you enter and gave back story when needed.   The music was also surprisingly good, they did a good job blending it with the action and the story of the game.   

Visuals – I have no complaints about the visual style used in this game.  Everything had a hand drawn look but the most impressive thing was the level construction.  The level builds as you walk through it, this was a very nice touch.  check the video below to see what I mean.   

Gameplay – The gameplay in this game is Perfect.. Every weapon is unique and has unique controls.  The shield is awesome!  You will spend time upgrading your weapons looking for the perfect combos to use.   Download the demo just to feel how this game controls.

Overall –  For $15 this game is well worth the price.   This is the best arcade game I have played this year and only second to Portal 2 for best overall game.   It is not often I finish a game and go right back to play it for  a second time.

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Jul 31

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Trailer

I played this game so much back in the day, this is a day one purchase for me. Since it is an Arcade Game I do not expect it to be more that $15.   I hope we will be able to put in codes and play as Bill Clinton and Al Gore.   They could update and add some 2011 characters… The cast of Jersey Shore is where they should start and just move on from there.

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