Nov 11

Console Release Week… Xbox One, PS4 or Neither


So this is the big week!  The Playstation 4 is almost here and the Xbox One is right around the corner.   I have had both of the console pre-ordered at one time but have lost interest in them.  I have switched back and forth on which console to buy and have finally decided to wait.    I will not be taking part in launch day this year for either box.   I have been trying to figure out why I am so turned off this year and I think it comes down to a few minor items.

  • Launch lineup is weak – IMO the best games of the year are coming out on xbox 360/ps4/pc and believe it or not the WiiU
  • Lack of backwards compatibility – If I could play my old games in either of these consoles I could buy one as a replacement
  • Cost – $400-$500 for a console plus $120 in two games and $60 in a second controller.    I think I will wait until there are plenty of next gen console games in my local Gamestop’s used bins

So I will wait but while I am waiting something very interesting has been happening.  Steam keeps releasing things that may pull me away from consoles forever.   With Steam I never have to worry about backwards compatibility, in 4-5 years when nextgen becomes lastgen I will still have access to my library.    The Steam sale’s are as good as the Gamestop 3 for 2 sales on used games.   And now there is a sign up for the “Steam In-Home Streaming” beta.   I can start to see their vision….

One big PC with my full Steam library installed.  An inexpensive Steam OS streaming box($100) connected to all my TVs allowing me to stream games, video content and music.   If this is the future of Steam, Sign me up!

What do you think?  Which are you buying?  Are you waiting?

Jun 12

My Letter to Microsoft about the Xbox One

I have been keeping my mouth closed on this subject until after E3.   I need to vent a little on the whole next generation console topic.  I will start off by saying prior to 3 weeks ago I had every intention of pre-ordering both of these console.   My mind has changed….

Let me share some stats with you so you know I am not just another angry Sony fan boy.

  • I own 3 Xbox 360s
  • I buy games for Xbox 360 before any other platform
  • Below are my Raptr stats to prove this. 67% of my games are on 360.


I play and buy a ton of games and mainly Xbox 360 and XBLA.   I enjoy buying new and used games.   The majority of the 360 games I have purchased have been buy 2 get 1 free from Gamestop(used).  I also tend to buy 4-6 new titles for the 360 per year.  I have poured countless dollars into DLC and have supported the platform since day one.

Now with all that being said I need to ask Microsoft a simple question.  Why?   I do not understand why you are trying to apply a PC model to your next generation console.  You have tried to go the other way with “Games for Windows” 3 times now and failed every time.   What makes this any different?  The power of the console is the ease of use of the platform, why encase that in a bunch of cryptic DRM rules that does nothing but hurt the user experience.

This is my pledge to you…

  • I will not buy the Xbox One if you plan on enabling the publishers to squeeze more cash out of the consumer(Including MS publishing).
  •  I will not reward you for this behavior.
  •  I will pre-order a PS4 and later decide if PS4 or Steam will be my lead platform for buying games.  It will most likely be split between Steam sales and Used games.
  • I will purchase at least 5 new games per year and these will be on the PS4.
  •  I will continue to buy xbox 360 games and play them.
  • I will reconsider buying an Xbox One if the DRM restrictions are removed and go back to operating like the Xbox 360

Hope this did not sound too “ranty” but I needed to put it out there.  It will make me feel better.

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