Dec 02

Andriod 4.4 KitKat Feature List. Should I Upgrade or Wait?

The Question

I like to stay in involved in the iOS and Android worlds.   My primary tablet is a Nexus 7 and have been extremely happy with it.   I have run into some issue when upgrading in the past with with my MKV player and HBO to go failing to work after the upgrade.    I spend a surprising amount of time trying to figure out what was in this KitKat 4.4.   I will share the feature list and some of my results from testing the new features

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Aug 05

Dear Apple – About this AppleTV I purchased

Dear Apple,

I am trying to jump on board,  I am trying to love this product(appleTV).   I let the HBO to Go not streaming from My iPad to the apple TV go.   You blamed HBO saying they were not comfortable with how you magically send you data through the air. I am a Amazon Prime Member and I have been very patient waiting for the Amazon Prime Video App for iOS which we finally got last week.  Why do you only give me sound on my Apple TV,  are they also not comfortable with your magic?  The problem is I can turn on my Xbox or PS3 and use both of these services.   If you are trying to force me to buy movies and TV shows from you App store,  it is not going to happen.    At this point I can no longer recommend this product to anyone.   I will check back in a couple weeks to see if I can stream video or someone has Jail Broken it.