My Letter to Microsoft about the Xbox One

I have been keeping my mouth closed on this subject until after E3.   I need to vent a little on the whole next generation console topic.  I will start off by saying prior to 3 weeks ago I had every intention of pre-ordering both of these console.   My mind has changed….

Let me share some stats with you so you know I am not just another angry Sony fan boy.

  • I own 3 Xbox 360s
  • I buy games for Xbox 360 before any other platform
  • Below are my Raptr stats to prove this. 67% of my games are on 360.


I play and buy a ton of games and mainly Xbox 360 and XBLA.   I enjoy buying new and used games.   The majority of the 360 games I have purchased have been buy 2 get 1 free from Gamestop(used).  I also tend to buy 4-6 new titles for the 360 per year.  I have poured countless dollars into DLC and have supported the platform since day one.

Now with all that being said I need to ask Microsoft a simple question.  Why?   I do not understand why you are trying to apply a PC model to your next generation console.  You have tried to go the other way with “Games for Windows” 3 times now and failed every time.   What makes this any different?  The power of the console is the ease of use of the platform, why encase that in a bunch of cryptic DRM rules that does nothing but hurt the user experience.

This is my pledge to you…

  • I will not buy the Xbox One if you plan on enabling the publishers to squeeze more cash out of the consumer(Including MS publishing).
  •  I will not reward you for this behavior.
  •  I will pre-order a PS4 and later decide if PS4 or Steam will be my lead platform for buying games.  It will most likely be split between Steam sales and Used games.
  • I will purchase at least 5 new games per year and these will be on the PS4.
  •  I will continue to buy xbox 360 games and play them.
  • I will reconsider buying an Xbox One if the DRM restrictions are removed and go back to operating like the Xbox 360

Hope this did not sound too “ranty” but I needed to put it out there.  It will make me feel better.

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