Regular Season is Over…. Here is where we are…

Congrats on a season that was not as good as last year but still better than two years ago!


  1. Margus Mike Hunt
  2. TheToddFather
  3. Bulgarian Nightmare
  4. Destroyer of Wills
  5. Skullcrushers
  6. Factory of Sadness

Regular Season Cash Winners!

$100– Regular Season Winner – Margus Mike Hunt
$30 – Most Points – Margus Mike Hunt
$10 – Most Lopsided Win –Bulgarian Nightmare vs. Los Diablos – Week 12    76.40 points!
$10 – Winner of the Closet Game – Single Week Skullcrushers vs. Kittenpocalypse – Week 7 1.68
$10 – Most point by a player(regular season) – Ben Roethlisberger Factory of Sadness 44.78

If you guys get bored there are some great stats on this page:

Some Examples:


Record Record Holder Wins
Most Wins Margus Mike Hunt 10
Most Wins in a Season, All Time Destroyer of Wills, Season 2013 12
Longest Streak Margus Mike Hunt 7
Longest Streak, All Time Los Diablos, Season 2012 7
Current Streak Bulgarian Nightmare 3


Record Record Holder Losses
Most Losses Molikop 10
Most Losses, All Time Pumps and Playbooks, Season 2011 13
Longest Streak Molikop
The Mighty Underdogs
Longest Streak, All Time Pumps and Playbooks, Season 2011 12
Current Streak Hairy Pigskins 5

2 thoughts on “Regular Season is Over…. Here is where we are…

  1. Team Points – Most

    Record Record Holder Points
    Single Week Skullcrushers vs. Factory of Sadness – Week 9 189.16
    Single Week, All Time Mighty Underdogs vs. Prestige Worldwide – Week 2, Season 2011 199.12
    Season (Average) Margus Mike Hunt 1730.4 (133.10)
    Season (Average), All Time TheToddFather, Season 2013 2162.16 (132.85)

  2. I like that Eduardo got the Single Week Kicking high score of 21 but could not not pull the defense high score away from me!

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