FFL2012 – Pre-Season

Team Owner Change:

Pumps and Playbook is leaving the league to pursue other interests.   I believe she is starting an all Girl League so maybe
Bale and William Hall  want to talk to her about an entry this year!   We will be replacing her slot with Rybal.  Rybal is a long time Splanic member and harasser of Bale so he is a welcome addition.   Rybal tried to get in last year but we were already at 12 teams.

League Voting:

After reviewing the Voting we will be staying a PPR league on Yahoo.  I am invoking my commissioner power to veto the extra flex player.   After digging into it just doesn’t make much sense to make this change and not add a roster slot.  I do not think anyone wants to add a roster slot.  I also scheduled the playoffs one week earlier,  this was the earliest I could go and maintain a 6 team playoff.

Draft Date:

The draft date has not been set yet but will be very soon.   I will send out three dates that you need to rank.  IF you cannot make one of those dates you need to let me know it.


 The buy in will be 30$ – this is due to me prior the First game.  If you do not pay me by the first week I will make one  random change to your lineup each week I am not paid!

  •          Winner of The SuperBowl – 200$
  •          1st place end of the regular seasons  $100
  •          Most overall Points(Season) $30
  •          Winner of Most Lopsided game(Season) $10
  •          Winner of the Least Lopside Game(Season) – $10
  •          Highest point total by a single player/defense in a game(Season and Playoff)   $10

Other Rule Changes:

The site is up make sure you sign up and get logged in.   If you did not get your invite please let me know.    You have one week to purpose any new rule changes.   Bring anything up to the group in email so we can get everyone’s input.  I will make the final decision on making the change.

Cincinnati Downtowners:

We will be doing a weekly Fantasy Football lunch downtown,  I will be shooting for Wed or Thur for these. The location will change weekly.   Sorry non-downtowners but you can always take a long lunch.     Bale you are not invited!

Weekly Updates:

We will continue to have weekly updates with who would be winning what if the season ended today,  These will be posted on Splanic.com Tuesdays.    I also spoke with Travis last year about doing a weekly “Travis Commentary”  for the events that happened in the league each week.  I hope he is still willing to do that!

Links and Stuff:

I will place a quick link on Splanic.com and create a new tag section for this year called FFL2012.  This may be a good time to look back at 2011 and see how the year went week by week.  Use the FFL2011 tag or browse through the archive.

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