Oct 18

Windows 8.1 available now. Install updates first and boot to desktop

Windows 8.1 is now available.   You can download it here:  Windows 8.1.  I was not able to install 8.1 until I ran any pending updates on my workstation.  I received no error,  the update took me to the store and just sat.    Once I did that and rebooted my PC it installed without issue.

The boot into desktop setting is on the Taskbar and Navigation menu.

1. Right click the task bar

2. Select Properties

3. Go the navigation tab


Oct 14

Jazzchops Only

Sign up on Raptr and friend me to get your name up here!

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Oct 01

Achievements from last week

Achievements for the last 7 days. All data is parsed from Raptr.com, if you want to be on the list sign up there and link your consoles/steam and wow accounts. Click the more button to see the users and rarity of the achievements.  Just three games this week GTA5, Disney Infinity and Walking Dead.    GTA5 online launches today, this should be interesting….

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Sep 23

Everquest 2 Heroic Characters

Below is the eq2 producers letter announcing a new featured called heroic characters.   Basically between the Oct 1st and 15 th you can get a free level 85 equipped character,after that it is pay.    What do you guys think about paying for characters.    Years ago I would have been outraged, now I kinda like the idea.   Will this be enough to get you to stop by Freeport and hang with me?    There us a ton of good content starting at 85 that is very challenging. 


Calling all heroes!

We are putting in the final touches for Heroic Characters and we’re excited to be able to give you some news about them.

Before we get to how Heroic Characters work, let’s talk about why we are doing it. Primarily, we created this new feature because you asked us for it! At SOE Live, on forums, in one-on-one conversations, and lots of other ways, we’ve heard variations on similar ideas.
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