Mar 14

Splanic Brackets 2014 on ESPN!!! Sign up NOW for free!

As always you get nothing for winning this but the ability to say you are better than Bale. You name will go in the Splanic Hall of Fame  so you can become immortal on the internet.   Sign up below  and make sure to use a real email so you have a chance at the 10k.  Sign up with as many brackets as you want! If you sign up your kids or pets let us know if you used any special methods for picking team.   I plan on signing up my kids this year last year they came in 23rd and 24th.  Good luck all and hope your team does well in the tourney!.   This year we are not using google plus for comments.   You can post in the forum on this site or simply post on the comments of each post.    If you do not want to sign up on just use your Facebook account to post.   Pass this on to anyone you know that may want to play!

Get in on the excitement of this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Compete against other fans as you fill out a bracket and earn points for every correct pick! Come out on top and you could win a $10,000 Best Buy gift card. Get a group together and earn plenty of bragging rights among your friends by winning it all. Best of all, it’s free to play and win. Get in the action now:

 Results 2013

1 jjohnstSkimtat 210 180 120 160 160 320
0 1150 94.7
2 bpjmcg 1bpjmcg 250 180 120 80 160 320
0 1110 90.0
3 Durstock 2tim.durstock@… 200 220 120 80 160 320
0 1100 88.7
4 Skimtat 1Skimtat 210 180 80 80 160 320
0 1030 81.0
5 ravezv 1ravezv 190 180 80 80 160 320
0 1010 79.7

Full results here:

Results 2012

1 LLTODDJUC 1LLTODDJUC Kentucky 0 1500 99.0
2 Kidnut02 1Kidnut02 Kentucky 0 1340 93.5
3 Shelley’s picksshelley.r.johnston Kentucky 0 1260 88.0
4 bpjmcg 1bpjmcg Kentucky 0 1160 76.6
4 SteveKnNoKY 1SteveKnNoKY Kentucky 0 1160 76.6

Full results:

Jan 12

Powershell – Parse and Post Achievement Data Part 2

I have gotten the script to work for xbox.  I will share the script the go over a couple of the issues I ran into.    I picked as the API and I believe it is fairly standard.  As of today there is no Xbox One Achievement date but hopeful I can find a way to parse that soon as well.    The Xbox API sometime hangs and sometime will not return the correct unlocked achievements.   This full script was written in powershell 3.0,  I will highlight any additonal modules I used.   This specific script breaks down gamertag achievment data and stores in a local XML to be processed late.   I will also break down the following issues I ran into.

  • Invoke-webrequest or invoke-restmethod not returning data
  • Unlocked Achievement image failed to return data
  • Convert date to usable format
  • Loading the XML query into a variable and running a powershell foreach against it

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Dec 15

Why I picked the Xbox One over the PS4

Why I picked the Xbox One over the PS4

After a few post on this site about not purchasing a next gen console until much later i the cycle(,  I then caught the bug and went out and got one.   I have some very specific reasons why I selected the Xbox One.   As many of you know I am a console junkie.  Each console has its own strengths and weaknesses.   All that being said I will will buy more games for my WiiU this Christmas than any other console.

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Oct 21

Boarderlands 2, NBA JAM and More

I think borderlands 2 has the best achievement icons!   Sign up on Raptr to get your weekly achievements added here.

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