Nov 26

Official Destiny Trailer: The Dark Below with DrCrispy93 – YouTube

Nov 13

Way to good not to post: Things IT People Never Say

Aug 19

PurpleStride 2014

Just wanted to give everyone an update on a few things.   The Totally party was a huge success,  we got a personal phone call from the head of PANCAN thanking us for the donations.   Thanks again to everyone that participated!

PurpleStride Cincinnati is quickly approaching.   I would love to have some people sign up to walk/run with us.   This event takes place Saturday Morning on the 27th of September.  This is a family friendly walk/run and a good time.   We are going to be pushing to raise $10,000, we are already halfway there!     Please let me know if you have any questions about the event or  PANCAN.




Link to sign up/donate:

Jun 23

Its Almost here! AuctionItems, Schedule, and Parking Info Added

Getting everything ready for the party.   5:00 pm this Saturday at Bella Sala Hall.   Hope to see you there.

All info is here: