Dec 26

Boxing Day 2015

We just got done gathering some clothes and other items to donate.   We noticed there may be somethings that we wanted to make available to our friends before we take them to Goodwill.  If there is anything on here you want please let us know.    We will be donating these items on Thursday.    I forgot to take a picture of the plastic kids kitchen, will add that soon.

The Ultimate Indoor Fort Building Kit:

About 10 pieces that all fold up for easy storage.




Awesome Ride-able Horse Thing:

This may make noise……


vTech Lean and Ride Bike



Baby Doll Bed/Bath




MMS Official 2007 Laptop Bag

never been used.



Bag Full of Letter TilesIMG_1830


Kids Vacuum

start them early!


Fire Truck and Other Truck




Apr 16

Forum Replacement

Well the days of having an active forum are long behind us.   I still miss the sharing and BS’n with people but I have not found Facebook to be a really good reddit_logo_square_webtreatsetc
replacement.  Google Plus seemed okay but it lacked the forum feel.  I spend most of my time on the internet these days scouring the world of Reddit.    Reddit is like a self moderated forum with specific topics that you can submit, comment on and up/down vote.   This gave me an idea… I have  created a subreddit named splanic and will start using it as a forum.  Many of you already have reddit accounts and will just need to subscribe,  if you do not use reddit its time to start.   I have added a quick view on the top left of this page.   If you have any questions please let me know.    Stop by and at least say hello and lets see if we can get this up and active!     Pass this on to anyone else that may want to BS about random topics.

Everything you need to know about reddit can be found here:

There is also a private area that you can get access to once you subscribe to /r/splanic


Mar 16

2015 Splanic Brackets

As always you get nothing for winning this but the ability to say you are better than Bale. You name will go in theSplanic Hall of Fame  so you can become immortal on the internet.   Sign up below  and make sure to use a real email so you have a chance at the 10k.  Sign up with as many brackets as you want! If you sign up your kids or pets let us know if you used any special methods for picking team.   I plan on signing up my kids this year last year they came in 23rd and 24th.  Good luck all and hope your team does well in the tourney!.  Pass this on to anyone you know that may want to play!

Get in on the excitement of this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Compete against other fans as you fill out a bracket and earn points for every correct pick! Come out on top and you could win a $10,000 Best Buy gift card. Get a group together and earn plenty of bragging rights among your friends by winning it all. Best of all, it’s free to play and win. Get in the action now: