Jan 02

2016 and Splanic

Things I am going to focus on for 2016 and this site.

  • I will continue to post in the forum.  I am looking at removing the other two forums and just have a single site.  If activity gets higher I will alter that.
  • Game nights.   We have not been having any game night that needs to change. I will focus on xbox and pc.
  • Just random posts about whatever will continue.
Sep 29

A Gift for Microsoft: Xbox One to Xbox 360 Streaming


Nice work on the  Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming.   I am sure you have already discussed the 6b252c54-380d-4f54-a60e-1e1c347db6ce[1]following but I wanted to bring it up just in case.  I am suggesting this because I think it will set you apart from Steam and PlayStation.  I am a fan of what you have done and would like to see you gain some ground.  Feel free to implement, this is a gift.

Allow Xbox 360 to Stream Content from from the Xbox One

I was recently using my Asus Vivotab Note 8 with an ATOM proc to stream games from my Xbox One.     I was connected over wireless and using a Xbox 360 controller.    I was surprised that it actually works.    The hardware in the Xbox 360 has to be better than this tablet.


  • It will be difficult to convince people to purchase multiple Xbox Ones.  I can buy a new Xbox 360 for $167 right now at Amazon.     Most people have more than one TV in their house why not try to get some form of an Xbox attached.   Game streaming and TV apps should be people’s motivators.
  • AppleTV and Amazon FireTV have new versions coming.  These versions are there mainly to deliver TV apps and some ported mobile games.   Why not deliver world class next gen games to all TV’s in your house and all the same apps.  This would be roughly the same cost as one of those devices.   The AppleTV gen 4 is $150 and the Amzon Fire TV gaming is $139.
  • Increase Sales of digital games.   Once you have a Xbox connected house the consumer is not going to want to switch rooms to change disks.   Using the streaming to Windows 10 I have already found myself looking at digital purchases first.
  • Motivation of upgrades.  This can be a motivator for any consumer that is on the fence about upgrading their Xbox 360.   Backward compatibility is on its way but you can also use your 360 on a second TV and play any game from your library.


  • Small decrease in sale of second Xbox One to households that are able to meet there use case by purchasing or using an old Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360’s stay in the market longer – support cost will increase


Sep 09

Forums Are Back, Theme Change and More

I cannot make up my mind on how to do comments/forums so I have re-added bbpress and linked it to the commenting system on the site.   Try it out if you get bored,  I will continue to add to the site.   The splanic subreddit is out there and linked at the top of the page.  I have added @splanicsite as a twitter account that can announce new content.    I have a bunch of other ideas I will continue to work on….  If you read this try posting a reply comment.

Sep 06

Another Change

This site was getting stale again… There will be many changes over the next couple weeks.

Planning on changing.

  • Comments on the site will be re-activated and the subreddit will stay online.
  • Many of the plugins will be removed
  • Game nights and scheduling will return
  • 3-4 posts a week
  • New theme – fluid
  • more to be added.
Sep 02

I have returned

I took  a small break from fun things and spent time learning some new skills.   I will be back to posting regularly on all things I care about…

First thing I am going to do is change the theme.  I would like most of the content to be available for each post when you get here.