Sep 10

tvOS, gen4 AppleTV and the Shaft

appletvYears ago I went out and purchased a Gen 3 AppleTV.    I had such high hopes.   This is going to be the device of the future!  Time  went by and I continued to wait for the AppleTV to be the next big thing.     As I waited, the Roku and FireTV got better and better.    I finally gave up and purchased multiple FireTVs for my house.    It has been a great product and I have been happy with it ever since.

I was not really paying attention when I noticed the press conference.   AppleTV update!     tvOS! A new appstore for TV stuff, gaming and Siri!    I am finally being rewarded for keeping  my generation 3 AppleTV.     But wait there’s more…….

Apple will not be releasing the new software features to the generation 3 AppleTV.   In fact if you purchased a gen 3 AppleTV just a couple weeks ago all you get is a giant middle finger.      If you want the new features you will have to purchase the 4th generation for $150.   I wonder if Apple is going to start dropping support for all their products that are just 1 generation old.

I will put the gen 3 Apple TV back in the drawer and go back to my FireTv.   At least I will  have an appstore,  voice search, games and it already supports all my two favorite apps plex and kodi.

Amazon FireTV

Nov 05

Splanic Redone Again

Well the google+ things has not been working great.  We have about 35 users but  4-5 users that check it often and no one else.  I hate to admit this but Bale was right,  for people that check less often a forum/message board really is the way to go.   Google plus could have fixed this by simply putting notifications on the messages for comments and new content.  Oh well time to change again.

I have put some time into re-building the site and adding some new features.    Try to logon and post some stuff in the forum(Yes bale that is for you!).   I am going to work on a system to better schedule game nights as well as my random posts.     If you have any questions post on the forum or send me an email. Try registering for an account to make sure that works then you should be able to post anywhere.   It only takes a minute to setup an account,  give it a shot and post on the wall!

  • Added Shoutbox like the old days
    • Your first entry requires moderation, after one has been approved they are instant posts.
  • Replaced default comment system with a forum – needs to be reskined still
  • My goal is to get 5 forum post per week.  That will crush the activity we were having on google+
  • I also plan to rework the hall of fame a bit.   Make it look better.
  • Everyone that I know will have the ability to post on the front page
  • All other members will have the ability to post in the forum/wall

If there are any issues let me know in the forum.