Dec 03

Amazon Echo and Skills Project using SABNZBD and Sonarr

I am going to use this post as my worksheet of understanding and creating amazon echo skills.   I will update often as I learn new things and hopeful have this as a template as I move down.

What I would like to do:

  • Create a Amazon Echo skill that will tell me the last 5 things downloaded by Sabnzbd.
  • Create an Amazon Echo skill that allows me to interface with Sonar and Couch Potato.
  • Create an Amazon Echo skill that will allow me to pause and unpause Sabnzbd

Everything I create or use I will reference in this post.   feel free to make comments if I am missing the mark or there is a much easier way.

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Feb 07

Starwars Battlefront Game Night and Sale

We will be doing at least 6 game nights for Battlefront.    The first one will be

Date: Wed Feb 10th
Time: 8:30pm
Where: MSG me on Xbox one for invite(Skimtat)


Don’t own the game?   On sale until Monday night for $30 here:  BattleFront Sale @ Xbox $30

Jan 02

2016 and Splanic

Things I am going to focus on for 2016 and this site.

  • I will continue to post in the forum.  I am looking at removing the other two forums and just have a single site.  If activity gets higher I will alter that.
  • Game nights.   We have not been having any game night that needs to change. I will focus on xbox and pc.
  • Just random posts about whatever will continue.
Dec 29

And the FFL 2015 Winner is: Bale

Congrats to to the Mighty Underdog for winning this years FFL Championship.   You will be greatly rewardfootball2 with riches($200).   Below are the following winners from the season prizes.   There are two people that still have not paid Rafa and Travis(I will be hunting you down).    I am not thrilled about all the money except $10 leaving the city this year.   Lets not have this happen again next year.

Winners of the following:

Winner of Regular season $100  – Bulgarian Nightmare
Most Overall Points $30   Bulgarian Nightmare 1782.98
Winner of Most Lopsided game $10   The Mighty Underdogs vs. Los Diablos – Week 13 89.68
Winner of closest game $10   Your Mom vs. The Mighty Underdogs – Week 11 0.02
Most points scored by player/def 10.   Hairy Pigskins – Week 8 Drew Brees  46.30 points
More stats:

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Dec 29

Microsoft will not give partial refund on game discounted 3 days after purchase – WTG!

Dear Microsoft,

Today I experienced a very poor example of customer service when dealing with a digital purchase from the Xbox Marketplace.   On 12/25/2015 I purchased Disney Infinity 3 for my kids for 29.99.   I then check Major Nelson’s page for the updates sales on 12/28/2015(  Disney Infinity 3 is now 50% off.   Cool let me contact support and get a credit for the 15$ difference.  I should be able to do this since Best Buy, Target and Walmart will do this(see below for their policies).

I got on the MS support page and had a nice support person get in touch with me in about 2 minutes.  He was very helpful and let me know that the MS policy is no refunds on digital purchases.   I explained my situation and stressed it had only been 3 days.   I also asked them to look at my purchase history and time on xbox.   I have been a very very good customer and expected a little more.

The nice person on the chat site said there may be a way to get past this.  Just call my credit card company and dispute the charge.   Once they cancel the order and refund the cash you can re-purchase. I do not want to be troubling my credit card company for an issue that is a policy withing MS, this seems like the wrong way to go about doing this.  The other problem with this is I had just loaded a MS gift card onto my account and did not use a credit card to make this purchase.

So here is my issue Microsoft, if you want me to go down the path of a true digital future you need to treat me at least as good as my retailers do.   I have stopped buying as many used games from Gamestop so I can focus on just purchasing through the Microsoft Digital Marketplace.  I pulled a couple retailer’s policies and attached below.  If MS decides to contact me back I will put there response in this post.

Best Buy – If we lower our price during the return and exchange period, we will match our lower price, upon request.

Target – If you find a current lower price within 14 days after purchase, just bring in the proof and we will adjust your payment to the lower price, upon request. Target store price matches and adjustments are completed at the store at Guest Services. For purchases, call Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869.

Wal-Mart – If an item previously purchased from (not including items from a third-party seller on our site) is now listed at a lower price, and the item is within its eligible return window, contact Customer Care at 1.800.966.6546 to receive an adjustment for the price difference